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Are Those Raspberries? No, They’re Wineberries!!!

When we purchased this house last year, the wineberries were just beginning to ripen. Ever since last year, I’ve been looking forward to their return. My kids love berry picking, and I love to take them. Wineberries come ahead of honeysuckle as my favorite invasive species! They’re easy to mistake for raspberries, but wineberries don’t [Continue]

Backyard Herbs: Dandelions

backyard dandelion

Have you ever looked out over your yard and been bubbly over all the dandelions you see?! No? …… What do you mean they’re a weed?!? Have lost your…… no, I’m calm… Besides giving wishes to kids everywhere, dandelions are a backyard herb! A superfood some say. Read on to learn about this herb you [Continue]

2018 Spring Garden Planning

If you want to orchestrate a garden that satisfies a certain percentage of your family’s produce needs, you need to get used to the idea of garden planning. Gardening was my gateway drug into this homesteading lifestyle, and I will always count it as a necessary (and enjoyable) part of my backyard farming life. Today, [Continue]