The Dream

doing a homestead project

Off to do a compost bin!

It has been a dream for years, to grow this small family farm. Sitting outside on a humid Georgia morning with my first herbs in hanging pots, the chickens entered the dream first. I thought “This would be a great size yard for chickens. They don’t need a lot of space, right?” I began researching chickens, and how to raise them, then the next element of the dream fell into place: a mini orchard. I love fruit, but everyone knows fresh fruit, picked at peak ripeness, tastes the best. I know I have seen dwarf fruit trees in the gardening store before…..

Once the dream also included dairy goats, ducks, lambs, and multiple garden beds, I knew I needed more than a “normal” size yard. I thought we would end up back in Georgia, so I had plans on getting at least 5 acres, but circumstances dictated otherwise, and I had to change the dream. I just wanted one acre in Maryland, not to far from work. In the end, my dream’s canvas is now two optimal acres less than a half hour away from my 9 to 5.

This dream has been ever evolving, but I know I’m not the only one who has it, in this age of “mystery food”. I love to write, so I hope my lessons learned won’t have to be yours as well (I’m sure you’ll have different ones!).

Welcome to my Two Acres on a Dream.