Fix Your Muddy Chicken Run For $10 or Less!

So just a couple of weeks ago, we went through a bit of a heat wave here in Maryland. Which is fine by me because I love the heat. Their Majesties (my hens) were sorely displeased, however. They spent most of their time hanging out under the coop. Now they’ve been doing the same thing over the last couple of days, but for an entirely different reason: they have a muddy chicken run and daily rain! I think going out in the rain to take care of them is worse than taking care of them in the winter snow!


There was a break in the rain today, so I ran up to Gambrills General Store to get the solution to my problem….. Straw! Yes, they sell straw for a little over $7. I purchased two because the rain isn’t letting up any time soon. I don’t want to fill my chicken run with sand, and we already have a trench that diverts the worst of the water.

Why Is a Muddy Chicken Run So Bad?

Besides mud not being fun to walk on (whether you’re a person or a chicken), once their poop mixes in, it becomes really stinky mud! Then it attracts flies! It’s just bad all around. However, the worst reason I think:

The parasites’ eggs love wet, warmish, mucky areas, so make sure to keep your runs clean and mud free. via The Complete Guide To Chicken Parasites: Part 2

A muddy chicken run encourages parasite breeding. Preventing and diseases or infections is easier than treating them. So try and keep things clean for your chickens!

So as you can see below, I put out the hay, and I didn’t even spread it around. I let their Majesties do that themselves. Makes them so happy! Check them out:


What do you do to help your chickens during super rainy weather? Give out your top tip in the comments!



Are Those Raspberries? No, They’re Wineberries!!!

When we purchased this house last year, the wineberries were just beginning to ripen. Ever since last year, I’ve been looking forward to their return. My kids love berry picking, and I love to take them. Wineberries come ahead of honeysuckle as my favorite invasive species! They’re easy to mistake for raspberries, but wineberries don’t have the hairs that are commonly associated with raspberries. (more…)

5 Amazing Benefits of Goat Milk

Do the Benefits of Goat Milk Really Matter?

You may be wondering this question, particularly if you’re “perfectly healthy”. Healthy today doesn’t mean that you’re actually the picture of health. It just usually means you don’t have any chronic health problems. Most of the time chronic health issues pop up in a way that seems unexpected. What if you were stacking the deck against yourself with your lifestyle choices though? That is why you should pay attention to the health benefits of goat milk. (more…)

Raw Milk Laws: Justified or Not?

raw milk laws cow

So not too long ago, I received an email from a CSA that I’m apart of. The organizer of the CSA sent the email to get support for a bipartisan letter drafted by two members of Congress. This really feels like a step in the right direction to alleviating the impact of the raw milk laws in the United States! (more…)

Honeysuckle Demystified: Benefits and How to Harvest

When the honeysuckle started blooming in May, I enjoyed taking in the smell. I showed the boys how to get the nectar out, and they wanted me to feed them blossoms all day. Which we didn’t do since I started getting eaten alive by mosquitos (note: buy bug spray). Then I came across the article Honeysuckle: Benefits and Uses, which said:

“In TCM, the honeysuckle flower is commonly used to help ease the flu, colds and sore throat. According to Science Alert, this plant has the ability to prevent the influenza virus from replicating.”

Oh my goodness, another backyard herb like dandelion, but one people didn’t really seem to know about! So I started researching, and there isn’t a lot online about honeysuckle. So let’s take a look at the delicious flower, honeysuckle! (more…)

Backyard Herbs: Dandelions

backyard dandelion

Have you ever looked out over your yard and been bubbly over all the dandelions you see?! No? …… What do you mean they’re a weed?!? Have lost your…… no, I’m calm… Besides giving wishes to kids everywhere, dandelions are a backyard herb! A superfood some say. Read on to learn about this herb you didn’t know was in your backyard. I’ve even included some recipes at the end of this post! (more…)

April 18 Update: Animals, Garden Plans, and Projects

During the first couple months of the year, I did a great job sticking to my weekly posting schedule. I got in a post in March (or was it two), and that post was really good! It was my first post over 2,000 words, and it was on one of my favorite topics: herbs! However, after that last post, I just haven’t carved out the time to stick to my schedule.

There are a lot of reasons for this. The two primary reasons being my almost complete pregnancy (due date April 20!) and my freelance writing picking up considerably. (more…)

Herbs for Fibromyalgia, Herbs for Mom

Pictures of herbs for fibromyalgia

Have you heard of fibromyalgia before? My mother was diagnosed with it last year, but I know a couple of other people who have it. I had fibromyalgia on my radar, but my first personal glimpse into the disease came with my mother’s diagnosis. My mother and I are very close, and this disease doesn’t have a cure, which left me feeling helpless. For one of the two people who helped make me this person I am today, there had to be something I could do right? I can’t just do nothing when she feels this way: (more…)

Easy Chicken Tractor for Laying Hens!

chicken tractor for laying hens

I can’t tell you how hard it was to find a chicken tractor that was easy to build for my laying hens. Actually, it was too hard. An easy chicken tractor for laying hens eluded me for so long, I decided to design my own. I needed a chicken tractor solid enough to keep predators out during the daytime but still took care of my hens’ eggs. I looked at a lot of different designs and took what I needed considering my hens still spend their evenings in their stationary coop.

Let me know if you have a chicken tractor in the comments below! Do you use it exclusively, or do you keep your laying hens in a stationary coop at night?