About The Dreamer

Ruthie is a wife and mother to three boys. She served in the US Army for over 8 years, and is excited to finally begin weaving her dream of a small family farm into the fabric of reality. She loves to do things by hand and from scratch like: knitting, gardening, and cooking. She has been knitting and gardening for many years, and has begun making herbal remedies and DIY beauty products in the last few years.

She hopes that people coming to this blog can learn from her experience, good or bad, and incorporate what they find into their lives. Her goal is to live as naturally as possible, including everything from raising backyard animals to keeping her body products as natural as possible. She also lives her life in tune with nature, believing that being out of sync with nature is to be out of sync with one’s self. You will find information on herbal remedies, gardening, dwarf fruit trees, backyard animals, DIY farm project, knitting project, and much more!

She hopes you can live your dream, in whatever form that may take.